The 6th Annual Oh! Loops Harry Potter KAL

I am gearing up for our 6th year at Hogwarts. Can you believe that???!!! Prefect Kits are already in the shop and selling fast, only a few kits remain, and the first round of Harry Potter Preorder colorways will be in the shop in just five days, on Sunday July 1st.

This year I teamed up with three amazing makers to bring my vision for the Christmas Comes to Hogwarts Prefect Kit idea to life.

Kay of the Crazy Sock Lady Designs, and the Crazy Sock Lady podcast, is designing this years exclusive kit pattern. Her idea and vision is beyond beautiful and I can’t wait to see it finished, and you all knitting it up with the kit colorways. You can purchase her other patterns here  and view her wonderful podcast here

Amanda of Little Bitty Delights and the Teal Knitter podcast, has been working her magic to create what I think are hands down the cutest Harry Potter inspired progress keeper charms! She took my Christmas idea and ran with it and you guys are going to be other the moon in love when you see what she has created. You can purchase her other beautiful charms here and view her wonderful podcast here She also has a blog that you can follow here

Martha of Tuft Woolens has created a custom sock soap scent that will be included in the Prefect Kits as well. She was able to capture exactly what I wanted from the coziness of Christmas morning, to the spicy scent of winter cinnamon, to the sense of home I imagine you feel walking into the Great Hall at Hogwarts. I can’t wait for you all to smell how amazing it is. You can purchase her other products here

When the shop opens on Sunday morning July 1st you will be able to Preorder several Harry Potter colorways on a multitude of popular Oh! Loops bases in whatever quantity your little heart desires. A few old favorites will be offered in this first round of Preorders, but the majority of the update will contain colorways offered in last years flash sale release. Some of those colorways include the popular Happee Birthdae Harry, last years Prefect kit exclusive colorway, Hogwarts Will Always be My Home, one of my favorites from last year, Grindelwald, and many more.

I think this year at Hogwarts is going to be the best yet. I am excited for the new challenges and can’t wait to see you all in the Great Hall on September 1st.


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